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  • The problem doesn't end with data and technology solutions. It starts there.


    The Data For Impact Fellowship is a unique opportunity where fellows partner with leaders in the government — ranging from Union Ministers to District Collectors — to implement a high impact, scalable data intelligence solution. The Fellowship seeks to bring together young, enterprising future leaders with experienced government leaders to use the power of data to solve some of India's most critical problems.


    Here are some of the problems that you can solve:

  • A 10th-pass Anganwadi Sevika maintains 11 registers to log data and prepares a 10-page report... every month.

    Can you deploy our platform to ease her work?​

    District Collectors track over 60 schemes in their district every week using 60 different websites through 60 different portals.

    Can you help District Collectors plan better, quicker, and smarter for their districts?​

    In rural India, 52% of people said they used the internet for entertainment, while only 0.4% use it for booking train tickets.

    Can you help local leaders use the internet to improve their villages?

  • Do you aspire to do the following?

    A Data For Impact Fellow will partner with ministers and bureaucrats to scale data and technology.

    Drive Better Governance.

    Enable Smart Decisions

    Shape Public Policy

    Impact Local Communities

    Execute & Own Initiatives

    Build Scalable Solutions

    Engage Multiple Stakeholders

    Create Sustained Change

  • Can you scale these solutions?

    Each Fellow will directly work with some of the country's leading administrators to implement data intelligence solutions.


    Explore some of the solutions that you would potentially be scaling below:

    Data Driven Community Microplanning in Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh
    Chandrapur, Maharashtra's First Data Driven Governance District
    Using Open Data to Invest $8 Million in Indian Agricutlture by Gates Foundation
    Mapping the Education System in India by Analyzing Data for 1.4 Million Schools
  • Applications for the Fellowship are currently closed.

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