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  • About The Fellowship

    What is the mission of the Fellowship?


    There is enough data about the world around us, but not enough impact driven people to drive change with it. The core idea of the Fellowship is to find high-impact individuals and develop them into future leaders who harness the power of data and technology to change the world for good. Through this Fellowship we aim to usher in a new era of a smart, informed and powerful way of decision-making known as data-driven governance.

    Data-driven governance is a dynamic and multi-faceted approach to powering decisions related to public policy, welfare and administration with the help of data and technology. It endeavors to improve the quality of decision-making at various levels by providing comprehensive real-time information to decision makers, that can be used to practice effective governance.


    But how exactly will a Fellow contribute to data-driven governance?


    Here's an example: The district collector of Nagpur wants to understand what his focus areas and department goals should be in the next quarter. The Fellow will work closely with the district collector to understand how his decisions can be powered by using existing department data. At the same time, they will also liaise with other government departments and stakeholders (like the water department, the health department, etc) to deploy our platform for use in data-driven decision making.


    Read more about data-driven governance here.

    What is SocialCops? What does it do?


    SocialCops is a data intelligence company. We empower organizations to make tough decisions and solve the world’s most critical problems. We partner with leaders and organizations around the world to make data-driven decisions easier and more effective. Our work helps build a world with smarter cities, happier citizens, better policies, and a brighter future.


    Our data intelligence platform aims to bring the entire decision making process to one place - from collecting primary data, accessing secondary data, merging internal data to visualising data via easy to use dashboards. The platform has been used by Unilever, BASF, Gates Foundation, Tata Trusts, Ministry of Rural Development (India) and over 150+ organizations in over 7 countries to drive informed, effective and actionable decisions.


    Read more about SocialCops here.

  • Application Process, Timeline & Program

    How to Apply for the Fellowship | Application Process

    The Application Process

    The DDG Fellowship involves a comprehensive application process to seek driven, enterprising and passionate individuals across the country to be a part of the journey. The selection process consists of:

    • Online Application
    • Fellowship Test - I 
    • Fellowship Test - II
    • Personal Interview 

    Through this application procedure we seek to test different skills, experiences and aptitude of the candidate that will be critical to undertaking the Fellowship. Our team carefully goes through submissions at each stage and evaluates them on a variety of factors. Applications are being accepted on a rolling basis, you may apply here.

    Fellowship Timeline & Duration

    Timeline of the Fellowship

    Typically the application process lasts anywhere from between 4-6 weeks. After selection, the Fellow will undertake an intensive hands-on training at the SocialCops headquarters in New Delhi, India to delve deeper into data driven governance and its impact in the real world.


    Following this, each Fellow is assigned a location and deputed to a government department or official for a period of atleast 12 months wherein they work with a variety of stake holders to enable data driven governance. Throughout the duration of the Fellowship, the Fellow works independently with the assigned decision-maker and is provided by support from the SocialCops team on a case-to-case basis.


    Following successful completion of the 12 months the Fellow may be promoted to the position of Policy & Governance Manager at SocialCops and will work closely with the next batch of Fellows.

    Fellowship Training & Program

    The Training Program

    Each Fellow will be provided an in-depth training of the skills and knowledge required to equip them for the remaining duration of the Fellowship, through an intensive hands-on training session conducted at the SocialCops headquarters in New Delhi, India. This includes:

    • Mentorship by a member of the SocialCops Policy & Governance Team 
    • Job Shadowing & Individual Mini-Projects 
    • Hands-on Use & Training on the SocialCops Data Intelligence Platform
    • Classroom Learning through Case Studies, Ebooks and Support Cources
    • Support on-going Policy & Governance Projects

    A Fellow would then be deputed to a government agency or stakeholder and work independently on projects.

  • How many 20 somethings can claim that they played a role in a shaping a national policy?

    Like contributing to one of largest flagship schemes of the Government of India?

    With technology, when you solve a problem once - you solve it for life

    like building engineering systems that function in the remotest of environments?

    Can data solve some of the most critical problems faced by our country?

    Like tracking air pollution through the streets of New Delhi?

  • Roles & Responsibilities

    Build Solutions

    You will be working to create cutting-edge solutions that will push the boundary in creating data-driven governance in the local government where you're deputed. Your solutions will intersect at the boundaries of data, technology & policy.

    Manage Projects Independently

    Fellows will be executing large-scale policy projects. Right from conceptualizing the project with government officers to executing the project in the field, you will be responsible for complete end-to-end management.

    Undertake Policy Training & Outreach

    Meeting and building relationships with key partners in governments, legislatures, foundations, and multilateral aid agencies across India. This includes building and giving presentations on data-driven governance.

    Manage Multiple Stakeholders

    Meeting and building relationships with key partners in governments, legislatures, foundations, and multilateral aid agencies across India. This includes building and giving presentations on data-driven governance.

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