• Make India Data Intelligent

    Join the Data For Impact Fellowship

  • The Mission

    To equip government officials with the ability to effectively use data and technology to solve their critical problems.

  • The Vision

    To create models of implementing data intelligence solutions so that all potential decision-makers, tech-savvy or not, can drive insights from data seamlessly.

  • The Challenge

    Most often than not, government administrators are either crunched for time or don't have the support they need to use data. They end up digging through government files, printing tons of reports, and highlighting data points, which still doesn't give them all the data they need.


    Can you create scalable solutions to help decision makers use data intelligence?

  • Who are we looking for?

    We believe that if you have the grit to drive any change, nothing can stop you.

    Are you enterprising?​

    Dealing with the government is tricky. Solving the everyday challenges you might face will require an entrepreneurial mindset.

    Are words your sword?

    Communication is not about the fluency of your speech; it's about the story you craft. Can you convince government officials at every level to join in your vision?

    Are you determined?​

    Sometimes working day and night for months might not be enough to drive better decision making. Can you still walk in each day with the same enthusiasm?

  • If you've got what it takes,
    then know it will take everything you've got.


    Our 4-step application process is designed to test your ability to independently drive a high impact solution, your passion for data and technology, and your drive to overcome whatever challenges come your way.


    Fill the application form — Solve a task(s) — Chat with us in interviews — Join us in our office for 2 days!


    Update: Applications for the first batch of the Fellowship are now closed. Sign up for our newsletter here to get updates about the next cohort.

  • What will you do?

    The Fellowship is your chance to design solutions for the government and do whatever it takes to drive better data-driven decisions. Your daily work will involve everything from writing and creating courses to training government staff.

    Training & Development

    Conceptualize, build and run a series of workshops

    Knowledge Creation​

    Write engaging resources to inform decision-makers

    Stakeholder Management​

    Engage, manage and support multiple stakeholders at different levels

    Technology Development​

    Create scalable technology solutions to support government officials

    Research & Analysis​

    Empower policy makers with the data and insights they need

    Community Engagement

    Build, align and engage communities with technology and data intelligence.

  • Who is supporting the Data For Impact Fellowship?


    The fellowship is managed by SocialCops, a data intelligence company. We empower organizations to make tough decisions and solve the world’s most critical problems. We work with the World Bank, Gates Foundation, Tata Trusts, Ministry of Rural Development (India), Ministry of Petroleum & Natural Gas, and over 150 organizations across 7 countries to drive informed, effective decisions.


  • Want to know more about SocialCops?

    Our platform helps build a world with smarter cities, happier citizens, better policies, and a brighter future.

    Interested in joining SocialCops?

    We are always looking for amazing people to join the team!